Because it's important to be thankful

//Refugees on Rails started as an idea in August 2015. We imagined this as a solution to helping provide some needed tech talent to the local startup ecosystem and helping integrate refugees at the same time - as an increasing number kept arriving in the country. The community surprised us with their support and, before we knew it, //Refugees on Rails was growing as a grassroots movement in Berlin and other cities across Germany. We could have never done this without you volunteer, donor, supporter. Thank you all very much.

A special callout to the following people and organizations

This journey we are embarked on would not have been remotely the same, or even possible, without your support:

And a very special thanks to Anne Kjaer Riechert and Ahmet Emre Acar for their friendship and invaluable contribution in creating the core concepts and kicking this off the ground with me! -- Weston Hankins, co-founder //Refugees on Rails.