Refugees / Programming Resources

Get in touch with a group near you and find the resources you need to learn

You are currently on a journey of a lifetime and we are here to help. //Refugees on Rails provides laptops, technical courses and workshops and, importantly, a network of locals to learn from and share experiences - to welcome you into this adventure and help make it a bit easier and, if we are lucky, enjoyable.

To get started, contact a local volunteer group that supports refugees near your location. It doesn't have to be currently listed on our cities page, we provide laptops and assistance to many groups of volunteers willing to support refugees with our program. They are on the ground close to you and will take the necessary steps to help as best as they can.

If you have already received a laptop or have your own and want to dive right in, then read along! If you are using your own laptop, you may need to configure it yourself or take a look at our laptop setup instructions. Below you will find the main resources we work with througout our programs. Make sure to get in contact with a city and increase your network and chances of success with a mentor.

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Premium Partner: The Firehose Project

Learn how to build a modern website and get all the fundamentals of being a good developer in 3 months. With videos and interactive lessons you don't just learn how to build a modern website and all the best tools, but you start thinking like a developer and understand how to tackle complex problems.

Under the terms of our partnership with them, you can receive a good chunk of their curriculum for free. Learn more directly at their website. Contact your local Refugees on Rails volunteer organization to receive access.


A fundamental coding course, including an HTML/CSS splash page, Ruby code, flow control, functions and the perfect preparation for the Firehose Core Program.


A database-powered quotes generator with a slick, mobile-first design, built with Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS3, GitHub and Heroku.

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Other Programming Resources

Consider this section work in progress. Our website is quite new and we need a bit more time to fill it with all the right resources. For now, we will point you to take a look at the projects on our Github repository:


Our laptop setup scripts as well as resources for our classes and workshops

Our partners in Amsterdam have been mainly focusing on Javascript and piggybacking their program on freeCodeCamp. It's a very good option to look into and join a large community of developers that are learning and working on coding challenges to help non-profits. It's a good way to start working on common problems in a team.

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Learn to code and help nonprofits.