What are we about?

Refugees are too often seen only as a problem within Europe. We want to prove that our new neighbours offer an opportunity for Europe to enrich its culture and empower its economy. Our aim is to help refugees to build and expand their qualification as software developers and provide them with valuable skills that will improve their chances on the labour market.

With the help of volunteers organizations on the field, we wish to allocate donated laptops to refugees and provide them with high quality learning resources, which enable them to learn programming step by step by following clear instructions. IT-students or professionals will accompany and facilitate the learning process as mentors.

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Partner Cities

We support volunteers and run lessons and workshops for refugees in a few cities across Europe with more cities coming online in the following weeks. Feel free to reach out to a city near you.


The Firehose Project

Our premium education partner and recommended Ruby on Rails course. In a few weeks, students learn all the basic concepts of web programming along with best practices and gain experience in one of the most powerful programmer tools of the day. We are extremely lucky to have their support.


Other Programming Resources

There is something for everyone and a wide range of technical skills are in demand. Looking for resources focused on other technologies like Javascript, Big Data, Networking? We have compiled a list of resources to help you get started.

Come, join us!

You are in contact with refugees in your daily work and want to help them access a computer and learn programming? Learn more about how to join our programm! You are a refugee an you want to learn programming? Find out how! You are an IT-students or professionals? Contact one of the participating organizations and enroll as mentor!